Tree Removal Liverpool

Do you have trees located on your Liverpool property you wish to remove? If so, here at Liverpool Tree Care our tree work professionals are on hand to remove your tree(s) safely and quickly.

Tree removal is a potentially dangerous operation and should only be undertaken by trained tree care professionals following recognised Industry Best Practice procedure assisted by modern specialist tree felling equipment & machinery to safely perform this technical and inherently dangerous task in a controlled manner.

All work is completed in accordance with BS3998 ensuring work is completed to the highest professional standard.

Tree Felling in Liverpool

Tree removal is also known as Tree Felling. This process describes the complete removal of the tree above ground level. Where possible we strive to discourage the unnecessary removal of healthy, well positioned trees and will offer practical and aesthetic tree pruning solutions as a cost-effective alternative to tree felling, thereby retaining the tree as a valuable asset to any domestic or commercial site for many years to come.

However, should a tree require felling either due to conflict with adjacent property, utilities or public highway, the tree's condition due to age, disease, decay or human interference presents a danger, or due to pressures of development – then felling may be the only practical solution.

How we remove trees in Liverpool

At Liverpool Tree Care, our trained & certified professional tree surgeons will remove your trees in a safe & controlled manner. In general, when tree felling is carried out within a confined or public space, for example close to property or public highway, it is standard practice to fell the tree using a technique known as Section Dismantle or Section Felling.

Section Felling is carried out by one climber assisted by a team of ground based operatives. The climber dismantles the tree in manageable sections, lowering cut sections either by hand-casting to a pre-defined safe drop zone or belay assisted rigging equipment. If the tree is deemed unsafe to climb, for example it is dead & decayed, our experts will utilise a Mobile Elevated Work Platform to facilitate safe Section Felling operations. Our team have hired in a MEWP on a number of projects over the years though we tend to only use them when no safe alternative is available.

Specialist equipment and recycling

We use specialist rigging & climbing equipment coupled with the necessary machinery & plant to efficiently & safely fell and dispose of all sizes & species of tree. Once your tree is removed, we recycle / re-use the woodchip & log sections produced either by tipping at our yard for use as landscaping material & firewood, or tipping at local allotment sites or green waste centres.

Stump removal following tree removal

Following Tree Felling our trained tree surgeons can remove the residual stump using modern Stump Grinder machinery. Manual removal of tree stumps is renowned for damaging adjacent walls / patios / hard driveway surfaces / drains and underground utilities etc. We employ a range of stump grinders to safely and efficiently 'grind out' the main bowl of any tree stump, reducing it to a re-usable mulch, the resulting hole in the ground is back filled with the stump mulch material and levelled preparing the space gained for replanting / turfing / building works etc.

Getting in touch

For more information on our tree removal service in Liverpool, contact our sales team today on 0151 727 0136 or submit an enquiry through this website. We offer a tree site survey before any work is carried out. Please contact us today to avoid disappointment.

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