Tree Stump Removal Liverpool

Why call in the professionals?

At Liverpool Tree Care Services Ltd, for more than a decade our trained arborists have safely, affordably and quickly removed thousands of tree stumps in the Liverpool and greater Merseyside area.

Our skilled operators maintain specialist equipment such as tree stump grinders. A tree stump grinder is designed to reduce a tree stump into a mulch material safely and efficiently.

The dangers of manual extraction

Thanks to modern tree stump grinders, trying to extract a tree stump manually now truly is a detail of history. Choose not to risk the muscles in your back by trying to extract a tree stump manually. Instead, access our tree stump removal service for a very competitive price.

And unlike manual tree stump removal, using a stump grinder causes minimal disturbance to your garden or property.

Manual removal of tree stumps is renowned for damaging adjacent walls / patios / hard driveway surfaces / Drains and underground utilities etc. We employ a range of stump grinders to safely and efficiently 'grind out' the main bowl of any tree stump, reducing it to a re-usable mulch, and preparing the space gained for re-planting / turfing / building works etc.

Choose Liverpool Tree Care

Insist on the best... insist on Liverpool Tree Care Services

When you choose Liverpool Tree Care, our experienced team remove the entire tree stump to a depth approx 300mm below ground. Lateral roots extending from the grinded stump can, in exceptional circumstances, also be grinded, but are generally left to break down and decay gradually within the ground causing the minimum disturbance.

If the stump is close to a building or other structure, we may require a structural engineer to inspect the area to ensure extraction will not conflict adjacent buildings.

Getting help

For a quote, call Liverpool Tree Care today on 0151 727 0136 or contact us through this website and a member of our team shall reply by email.

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