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2x Mature Ash & Mature Lime saved from proposed Felling near Newsham Park, L6

Another beautiful tree saved ! – A Mature Ash by Newsham Park, L6. We were contacted by the owner who was proposing to Fell the Ash due to the tree’s proximity to the house, some minor damage to the stone garden path caused by Surface Root and the presence of significant Deadwood within the crown. Following our inspection of the Ash we found no visible conflict or threat present to the property, and the Ash – though at post mature stage, appeared healthy & in good condition. We offered an alternative option to Felling involving Crown Reduction to provide adequate clearance from the property and a thorough Crown Clean. We are pleased to say the client is very happy with both the finished result and the saving in cost for the work we carried out compared with the cost of Felling. They have now instructed us to carry out further work to a Mature Lime they were also planning to Fell and their neighbour has also instructed us to carry out similar Crown Reduction & Clean works to a large Mature Ash at the front of their property !

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 Always a good day when we can save our City’s beautiful mature trees from unnecessary Felling – If a tree is healthy & worthy of retention there are always management solutions to the conflicts they might present to persons or property. Only the inexperienced / unqualified or ‘rogue’ Tree Surgeon will advise Felling as the only option.