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Section Dismantle of storm damaged ‘hung up’ Ash adjacent to Redcourt Care Home, L18



IMG_20170309_125425_resized_20170310_051501845 IMG_20170309_125344_resized_20170310_051457599 IMG_20170309_125538_resized_20170310_051335935 IMG_20170309_130449_resized_20170310_051221705 IMG_20170310_172223 IMG_20170309_131324_resized_20170310_051220827 IMG_20170309_121310 IMG_20170309_121440_resized_20170310_051451813

The theme of our last two weeks at work – Mature wind blown part-failed Ash with significant root plate decay(Honey Fungus) ‘hung up’ on adjacent Sycamores overhanging Redcourt Care Home, L18. Multiple high climbing line anchor points used in adjacent trees to safely assist the climber(s) & some difficult technical Section Dismantle work. Log sections retained on-site to create ‘Habitat Piles’. No damage to adjacent property or the high boundary wall only 1.5m below the failed main stem. Good day at the office !