2x Mature Ash & Mature Lime saved from proposed Felling near Newsham Park, L6

Another beautiful tree saved ! – A Mature Ash by Newsham Park, L6. We were contacted by the owner who was proposing to Fell the Ash due to the tree’s proximity to the house, some minor damage to the stone garden path caused by Surface Root and the presence of significant Deadwood within the crown. Following our inspection of the Ash we found no visible conflict or threat present to the property, and the Ash – though at post mature stage, appeared healthy & in good condition. We offered an alternative option to Felling involving Crown Reduction to provide adequate clearance from the property and a thorough Crown Clean. We are pleased to say the client is very happy with both the finished result and the saving in cost for the work we carried out compared with the cost of Felling. They have now instructed us to carry out further work to a Mature Lime they were also planning to Fell and their neighbour has also instructed us to carry out similar Crown Reduction & Clean works to a large Mature Ash at the front of their property !

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 Always a good day when we can save our City’s beautiful mature trees from unnecessary Felling – If a tree is healthy & worthy of retention there are always management solutions to the conflicts they might present to persons or property. Only the inexperienced / unqualified or ‘rogue’ Tree Surgeon will advise Felling as the only option.

Section Dismantle of storm damaged ‘hung up’ Ash adjacent to Redcourt Care Home, L18



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The theme of our last two weeks at work – Mature wind blown part-failed Ash with significant root plate decay(Honey Fungus) ‘hung up’ on adjacent Sycamores overhanging Redcourt Care Home, L18. Multiple high climbing line anchor points used in adjacent trees to safely assist the climber(s) & some difficult technical Section Dismantle work. Log sections retained on-site to create ‘Habitat Piles’. No damage to adjacent property or the high boundary wall only 1.5m below the failed main stem. Good day at the office !

References from Customers – Sep / Oct 2016 Another example of some of our most recent satisfied clients’ references – sourced from our Google+, facebook & Blog pages.

Joanne Jones – Domestic Client, L15
Would highly recommend Liverpool Tree Care Services. We have used them several times over the past 14 years for residential work. Mat and his team are knowledgeable, friendly and professional. All work is completed to the highest standard. Excellent service.

Kieran Donovan – Domestic Client, L16
This is the second time we’ve used Matt and his team and they’ve done another great job. This time we had seven sycamores felled and general maintenance to the remaining trees and the work was excellent from start to finish. They are very knowledgeable on all aspects of tree care and put safety first. Would highly recommend.

Julie Smith – Domestic Client, L19
Professional Service. Two overgrown Lime trees which were pruned professionally and are now letting more light in our garden. They are now more manageable and look tidy and thanks to Mat and his team will grow healthy. Very passionate team about their work and you know you can trust and leave them to do the job properly. Very informative and knowledgeable. Would recommend them.

Resurgence of Dutch Elm Disease in UK – Related articles for reference

The UK’s trees are under threat from an increasing range of invasive pests and diseases. Over the past decade, a least a dozen tree pests and diseases have been found here for the first time, or have become more damaging. Trade, Transport, Travel, Tourism are the key entry routes for Invasive Non-­Native Species -­ or INNS, the acronym by which they are often referred to. Research from the US and UK highlights the greatly expanded horticultural trade in imported exotic and mature species from around the world as the main ‘Trojan Horse’ for new pests and diseases – accounting for 70% of invasive introductions to the US and 90% to the UK. Below we look at Dutch Elm Disease – we have unfortunately felled a number of affected Elms(predominantly young coppice / multi-stem Elms regrown from previously felled single Elms) over recent months due to a resurgence of the disease.


Recent references from our clients

Peter James

Liverpool Tree Care Services recently removed a large Lime tree from the garden at St. Mary’s Church in Grassendale. We would have no hesitation in recommending this company. Throughout, they were both courteous and professional and offered excellent advice and value for money. Thanks.

Alan Maddock

 My neighbour had a very large Willow tree that had been left far too long which was overhanging my garden and garage. Having obtained the necessary planning consent Mat and his crew carried out the work in a very professional and quick manner, the site was left as was – you couldn’t tell any tree work had taken place!! I have no problem in highly recommending Liverpool Tree Care Services Ltd and they will be my first choice for any future work.

Beginner’s Guide to the Tree Cut Pruning Method


Occasionally it’s necessary to remove a few limbs from your trees. First off, we would like to say that if you have tree limbs that are higher than you are able to reach, then we would strongly recommend you hire a tree professional to assist you when you remove these tree limbs. This is when you are not able to reach tree limbs safely or comfortably without risking injury to yourself.

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